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Episode 169

Some Custard Pies and a Few Harsh Words

This week, we’re hosting our first ever black-tie function, and you’re all invited! Nathan’s scoffing all the canapés, Brendan keeps being mistaken for the waiter, and somewhere upstairs is a roaring and slavering Colin Neal, who will join us later — we hope — to discuss The Lazarus Experiment.

Brendan compares the Lazarus monster (favourably) to the deplorably bad CGI Scorpion King played by Rock “the Dwayne” Johnson in The Mummy Returns. (Some dedicated VFX nerds on YouTube have been kind enough to fix this.)

Fans of Adjoa Andoh will also enjoy her turns in RTD’s Wizards vs. Aliens and Cucumber.

Guga Mbatha-Raw appeared in the Series 3 Black Mirror episode San Junipero. She also played Ophelia to Jude Law’s Hamlet in a production in the West End and on Broadway in 2009 — she is interviewed about it here.

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Episode 169: Some Custard Pies and a Few Harsh Words · Recorded on Sunday, 25 August 2019 · Duration 0:48:15 · Download · Open in new window

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