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Episode 172

Six Bullets

Simon, Todd and Nathan are still trapped in 1913, which is better, at least, than being trapped in chains, a collapsing galaxy, every mirror, or a scarecrow. With World War I on the horizon, all three of them await the answer to a single question: Will John Smith have the courage to leave the stage, so that the Doctor can confront The Family of Blood?

A group of scarecrows inflicted on the Doctor the horrifying fate of regenerating into Jon Pertwee in the 1969 Doctor Who comic The Night Walkers. The Fourth Doctor also met walking scarecrows in Tom Baker and Ian Marter’s Doctor Who movie treatment Doctor Who Meets Scratchman, novelised by James Goss in 2019.

When The Family of Blood was released in 2007, Harry Lloyd was playing Will Scarlett in the BBC’s Robin Hood (which also starred Patrick Troughton’s grandson Sam). He can be seen in this episode’s corresponding Doctor Who Confidential episode, looking very sweet and just ever-so-slightly stoned.

The Inner Light is a highly regarded episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, in which Captain Picard, in the blink of an eye, lives an entire life as a Californian hippie whose community is devastated by the effects of climate change.

Picks of the week


Wisely, Todd recommends watching Horror of Fang Rock. You could also listen to our Horror of Fang Rock episode, The Practical Problem with Leaving Someone Alive.


Simon recommends taking a look at Jessica Hynes in another role, in the BBC sitcom W1A, set in the BBC itself. It’s on Netflix in the US, probably, but not in Australia, where it used to be available on iView but isn’t any longer. In the UK, its on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Television is delightful in 2019, isn’t it?


Of course, Nathan recommends Paul Cornell’s original novel. He thinks Chapter 8 is particularly good. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Amazon AU).

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