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Episode 173

Flirting Wittily

This week, we’re joined by Lizbeth Myles from Verity! podcast to discuss a terrifying romantic comedy about the brevity of human life. It’s called Blink. People seem to like it.

Nathan’s allusion to a Phrygian king at the start of the episode comes from a half-remembered story in Herodotus Book 2, in which the Egyptian king Psammetichus kept two children in isolation, believing that they would grow up speaking the oldest human language.

This episode’s conceit and the name Sally Sparrow were first used by Stephen Moffat in a story in the Doctor Who Annual 2006 called What I Did in My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow. You can read it here.

And, of course, we never stop mentioning Stephen Moffat’s breakout TV show Coupling, which is essential viewing for Moffat fans (if somewhat problematic at times). Here’s what Elizabeth Sandifer had to say about it.

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Episode 173: Flirting Wittily · Recorded on Sunday, 25 August 2019 · Duration 1:03:31 · Download · Open in new window

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