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Episode 175

This Is What You Were Voting For

We’re on the run this week — skulking in shadows and eating chips while talking about the Master’s backstory and the deplorable state of British politics. Which is a normal Sunday for us, even when we’re not talking about The Sound of Drums.

Richard mentions an article from The Guardian called The west’s self-proclaimed custodians of democracy failed to notice it rotting away, published about a week before this episode was recorded.

Broken News was a six-episode comedy series shown on BBC Two in 2005, which recreated the experience of channel surfing across a range of 24-hour news channels while some weird and incomprehensible news story is breaking. We love it.

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Episode 175: This Is What You Were Voting For · Recorded on Sunday, 22 September 2019 · Duration 0:52:45 · Download · Open in new window

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