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Episode 176

Saving the World with the Power of Podcasting

It’s the last episode of Series 3, so we’re walking the Earth and telling anyone who’ll stand still for long enough about our favourite television show in the whole world. It’s Last of the Time Lords.

Todd mentions the Voyager Reset Button™ — the overuse of the Reset Button Trope in Star Trek: Voyager. You can find a detailed fan complaint about this here.

Picks of the week


This week, Todd wants you to go back and watch Tom Baker and Louise Jameson in The Invasion of Time, which we discussed in Episode 55: Timothy Dalton’s Pyjamas.


Quite rightly, James recommends Life on Mars, in which John Simm plays a present-day police officer who finds himself stranded back in 1973.


Nathan wants you to read Sally Rugg’s How Powerful We Are: Behind the Scenes with One of Australia’s Leading Activists. It’s an account of the campaign for the YES vote for marriage equality in Australia, whose successful outcome was finally finalised almost exactly two years ago today.


And Richard recommends John Lanchester’s article in The London Review of Books, Good New Idea, in which he makes an argument for the introduction of a Universal Basic Income.

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