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Episode 185

About His Manpain

This week, we basically stand around gloomily watching a fish drown until Todd cheers us up with some surprisingly athletic backflips. It’s The Doctor’s Daughter.

During the recording of our episode on 42 last year (Episode 170: I Believe Beryl Reid as a Freighter Captain), Brendan and Todd enter an unholy pact to reunite on this week’s episode to redeem The Doctor’s Daughter. With the most terrible consequences.

A few days before we recorded this episode, Chris Chibnall was interviewed in the Radio Times, saying that he would love one day to bring back some of the show’s earlier companions, like Amy, Rory, Ace and Tegan.

Over on Brendan’s YouTube channel, he is — among other things — reviewing each episode of Series 1 exactly 15 years after its first broadcast. Please like and subscribe, of course, and send him your takes on the episodes of the Eccleston Era.

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