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Episode 192

Why He Wins

This week, all four of us gather in the Console Room to tow the podcast home after a particularly trying week. It’s time for our journey to end, in — er — Journey’s End.

Perennial FTE punching bag Dodo Chaplet contracts syphilis — or at least an alien sex virus — in Daniel O’Mahony’s Virgin Missing Adventure The Man in the Velvet Mask.

During the Doctor’s year off in 2009, the 456 arrive on Earth to kidnap millions of children and are thwarted by Torchwood, without the assistance of Martha or Mickey. Despite this, Children of Earth is just about the best thing produced in Doctor Who’s modern era. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should.

After the traditional transporter accident, Troi finds herself with two Will Rikers in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Second Chances, and somehow fails to take the obvious course of action.

Picks of the week


James wants you to watch The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, which is episodes 5 and 6 of Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and which includes the last scenes David Tennant filmed at the Doctor before his final regular episodes were broadcast at the end of 2009. It features the Trickster and Nigel Havers, only one of whom is trying to marry Sarah.


Peter recommends War of the Worlds, a Fox co-production from 2019, which features Ty Tennant, the son of Georgia and David Tennant, previously seen in his grandfather’s Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special, The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.


Todd wants to take us a bit highbrow this week, with the sensational Netflix series, Tiger King, which for many of us was the way we celebrated the beginning of our endless COVID lockdown. Very much worth a look.


Taking the opportunity to retreat into his own childhood, Nathan suggests that you read Tove Jansson’s Moomin books, which range from charming and whimsical to elegiac and character-driven. Recommended.

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