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Episode 219

Nerd-Baiting Title

This week, Nathan and James are joined by Steven B and Dan from the New to Who podcast for an episode made up of the scavenged parts of other episodes. It’s time to meet the first character from the first shot of the first ever Doctor Who episode. Say hello, everyone, to The Doctor’s Wife.

Suranne Jones appeared in a story from Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures called Mona Lisa’s Revenge, in which she played the painting itself, which came to life for space reasons and started running around an art gallery with a big space gun, accompanied by her curator sidekick, played by Jeff Rawle (Plantagenet in Frontios).

We mention a couple of works by Neil Gaiman’s, including The Graveyard Book a strangely funny, elegiac and occasionally terrifying children’s book, and The Sandman, a best-selling comic book series, which is about to be released on Netflix.

James is right: the word petrichor was coined in 1964 by Australian researched Dick Thomas, to describe a phenomenon that had previously been called argillaceous odour. So thanks for enriching the language, Dick.

Neil Gaiman wrote a Doctor Who mini-episode called Rain Gods starring Matt Smith and Alex Kingston. It was included on the Series 7 DVD and Blu-ray box set.

After the closing credits — you do keep listening after the credits, don’t you? — Steven mentions an interview with Neil Gaiman and Stephen Fry from the Hay Festival in 2017 in which he talks about writing for Doctor Who.

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