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Episode 218

Everyone Is Now Sporting a Beard

This week, Nathan, James, Todd and Richard find themselves becalmed on board the Fancy, under threat from medical hologram that has gone rogue and imagines itself to be a terrifying and murderous Doctor Who monster. There’s rum, sodomy and some very low-effort space corridors, in The Curse of the Black Spot.

Richard and Todd both comment on the similarities between this story and a story from the 1960s. For Richard, it’s The Smugglers, obviously, which we talked about in Episode 11: Bum Wetting. And for Todd, it’s The Highlanders, which we discussed in Episode 12: Comedy Accents.

Richard mentions friend-of-the-podcast Johnny Spandrell, whose blog post on this story discusses the omission of the disappearance of Lee Ross’s character from this episode. You can read more of Johnny’s work at Random Whoness.

As usual, Nathan brings up El Sandifer from TARDIS Eruditorum whose review of Underworld can be found here. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make the point that Nathan says she makes in that interview, so who knows where he got that idea from?

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