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Series 6

Episode 216

Shades of Paranoia

When a mysterious astronaut completely ruins their picnic, the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River head back to 1969 in search of something, probably. Meanwhile, Nathan, Brendan and Todd are joined behind the Oval Office curtains by their new friend Maxwell Coviello and his trusty tape recorder. Hilarity ensues as they try to remember what little they can of The Impossible Astronaut.

Episode 216: Shades of Paranoia · Recorded on Sunday 1 August 2021 · Duration 1:25:23 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 217

Gaslight Girlboss Ginger

It’s July 1969, and we find ourselves sitting around with our new friend Maxwell Coviello, stroking guns and watching the moon landing on telly. It’s time for the end of the Swinging Sixties and the start of the Shooting-our-alien-overlords-in-the-face Seventies, in Day of the Moon.

Episode 217: Gaslight Girlboss Ginger · Recorded on Sunday 1 August 2021 · Duration 1:02:54 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 218

Everyone Is Now Sporting a Beard

This week, Nathan, James, Todd and Richard find themselves becalmed on board the Fancy, under threat from medical hologram that has gone rogue and imagines itself to be a terrifying and murderous Doctor Who monster. There’s rum, sodomy and some very low-effort space corridors, in The Curse of the Black Spot.

Episode 218: Everyone Is Now Sporting a Beard · Recorded on Sunday 8 August 2021 · Duration 0:42:36 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 219

Nerd-Baiting Title

This week, Nathan and James are joined by Steven B and Dan from the New to Who podcast for an episode made up of the scavenged parts of other episodes. It’s time to meet the first character from the first shot of the first ever Doctor Who episode. Say hello, everyone, to The Doctor’s Wife.

Episode 219: Nerd-Baiting Title · Recorded on Sunday 8 August 2021 · Duration 0:48:35 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 220

Centuries of Embittered Religiosity

This week, gooey duplicates of Nathan, Peter and Richard are joined by a gooey duplicate of Simon Moore for an earnest discussion of camerawork, capitalism (again) and the deepest questions of human identity. Doctor Who ruins yet another workers’ uprising, in The Rebel Flesh.

Episode 220: Centuries of Embittered Religiosity · Recorded on Sunday 15 August 2021 · Duration 0:48:06 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 221

Generic Potato Person

This week, Nathan, Peter, Richard and Simon rise up against their more viscous oppressors, launching blistering attacks on their shot composition, plot conveniences and crimes against good taste. Because, in a very real sense, we are all The Almost People.

Episode 221: Generic Potato Person · Recorded on Sunday 15 August 2021 · Duration 1:00:39 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 222

Lesbian Spank Inferno

It’s the last episode of the first half of the season, and to celebrate, Nathan, James, Peter and Adam Richard have invited literally everyone they’ve ever met to join them at Demons’ Run for a bloodless victory swiftly followed by a painful death. Oh, and the baby shower has been cancelled. Which is just the sort of thing that happens when A Good Man Goes to War.

Episode 222: Lesbian Spank Inferno · Recorded on Sunday 22 August 2021 · Duration 0:54:31 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 223

Tried and True Tropes

This week, perhaps inevitably, James and Nathan invite Simon Moore and Kevin Burnard to join them in 1930s Berlin for a gay Gypsy barmitzvah for the disabled. It’s fun, but we can’t help wondering if it’s in the best possible taste. But, what the hell, Let’s Kill Hitler.

Episode 223: Tried and True Tropes · Recorded on Sunday 22 August 2021 · Duration 0:54:17 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 224

Fix the Kippers

This week we’re joined by Corey McMahon for an hour of blinking and quivering under the bedclothes in the scariest bedroom in human history, before learning a Very Important Lesson about the power of a father’s love. (There’s a plot about dollies in there, but it doesn’t really go anywhere.) Hey-ho, it’s Night Terrors.

Episode 224: Fix the Kippers · Recorded on Sunday 29 August 2021 · Duration 0:55:14 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 225

The Word Elegant

This week, Simon Moore joins us again for a quick jaunt to the planet Apalapucia, where we visit a medical facility so staggeringly baffling and inept that it’s even terrifying to an audience living in the English-speaking world. It’s going to be quite a while before we get to see a doctor — that’s why it’s called The Girl Who Waited.

Episode 225: The Word Elegant · Recorded on Sunday 29 August 2021 · Duration 0:44:35 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 226

Something Really Different on Screen

This week, Nathan and Peter find themselves trapped in the corridors of a grimy English hotel with Si Hart and Conrad Westmaas, where the rooms are full of biting into a woollen jumper, turning up to your maths exam totally naked, and the fact that one day, you, your loved ones and everyone who has ever heard of you will be completely and irrevocably dead. The janitor seems pretty fit though. It’s The God Complex.

Episode 226: Something Really Different on Screen · Recorded on Sunday 5 September 2021 · Duration 1:04:03 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 227


This week, a quick trip to Colchester with Joe Ford and Jack Shanahan, to try on a new frock at Sanderson & Grainger before being horribly murdered. In the meantime, of course, James Corden is learning a valuable lesson about fatherhood, while the Doctor comes to terms with his impending certain death, probably. It’s Closing Time.

Episode 227: Alfie · Recorded on Sunday 10 October 2021 · Duration 1:03:22 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 228

The Magic Mavic Chen Principle

This week, the Doctor and River Song get married in an episode that completely rewrites itself before our very eyes, and the eyepatch anecdote makes its triumphant return to the show. You are all cordially invited to The Wedding of River Song.

Episode 228: The Magic Mavic Chen Principle · Recorded on Sunday 24 October 2021 · Duration 0:58:43 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 229

Playthings of Steven

We’ve reached the end of an ambitious and controversial series of Doctor Who, and so we’ve all gathered at Demons’ Run to find the answers to some pressing questions. What were the high points and low points of the series? Amy’s pregnancy arc — tasteless or distateful? Who was our favourite guest star? And, finally, what is the First Question, and who will eventually answer it? It’s our Series 6 Retrospective.

Episode 229: Playthings of Steven · Recorded on Sunday 28 November 2021 · Duration 1:03:49 · Download · Open in new window

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