Episode 228

The Magic Mavic Chen Principle

This week, the Doctor and River Song get married in an episode that completely rewrites itself before our very eyes, and the eyepatch anecdote makes its triumphant return to the show. You are all cordially invited to The Wedding of River Song.

Richard identifies some possible inspirations for this episode, including Cloud Atlas (2004) by David Mitchell and The Master and Margarita (1967) by Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov.

Nathan mentions Steven Moffat’s adaptation of Dracula (2020), in which two of the three episodes use the same narrative framing technique he uses in this episode, where the events of the episode start to impinge on the story being told in flashback at the start of the episode.

Steven B calls The Doctor’s Wife a “nerd-baiting title” in our episode on that story, called, appropriately Nerd-Baiting Title. Nathan levels the same accusation against the title of this story.

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