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Episode 227


This week, a quick trip to Colchester with Joe Ford and Jack Shanahan, to try on a new frock at Sanderson & Grainger before being horribly murdered. In the meantime, of course, James Corden is learning a valuable lesson about fatherhood, while the Doctor comes to terms with his impending certain death, probably. It’s Closing Time.

We start the episode by making a list of similarities between this story and Series 5’s The Lodger. By the most amazing coincidence, Joe and Jack joined us for the first time on our episode about The Lodger earlier this year.

No, Nathan, it’s nail polish remover, not nail polish that finishes off the Cybermen in The Moonbase. (Thanks, Brendan.)

Brendan cracks the joke that the Cybermen came from Marinus, which is actually a thing that happens (spoilers) in the Doctor Who Magazine comic The World Shapers.

Joe is right — the scene where those Cylons start singing All Along the Watchtower in Battlestar Galactica (2004) is one of the great moments in television history. No spoilers.

Team Knight Rider only ran for a single season in 1997–1998, which suggests that the cliffhanger Brendan mentions didn’t have the effect on audience figures that the creators might have been hoping for.

And finally — it’s not Brendan who cracked the code in the tag: the theory that the M in Swarm stands for Meglos comes from @joshryancarr on Twitter. At the time of publication, Flux Chapter 6 is mere hours away, and so there’s still time for this theory to be proved true. Fingers crossed.

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Episode 227: Alfie · Recorded on Sunday 10 October 2021 · Duration 1:03:22 · Download · Open in new window

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