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Episode 222

Lesbian Spank Inferno

It’s the last episode of the first half of the season, and to celebrate, Nathan, James, Peter and Adam Richard have invited literally everyone they’ve ever met to join them at Demons’ Run for a bloodless victory swiftly followed by a painful death. Oh, and the baby shower has been cancelled. Which is just the sort of thing that happens when A Good Man Goes to War.

If you want to hear more about the challenges of directing a Moffat script, you should head over to Rachel Talalay’s Tumblr, which is a fascinating and very telling read.

Nathan mentions (again) The Writer’s Tale, which is the place to go to find out about how difficult RTD found the workload on Doctor Who during his first stint as showrunner of the programme. Pray for him.

Upsettingly, Lesbian Spank Inferno was the title of the fourth episode of Steven Moffat’s breakout sitcom Coupling, in which we learn that it was also the title of series lead Steven Taylor’s favourite pornographic video.

James and Adam both comment on a Big Finish sequel to Inferno called Primord, in which a recast Liz Shaw (Caroline John’s daughter Daisy Ashford) gets turned into a Primord or something. It’s in the name, people!

And finally, James mentions a post Moffat wrote on rec.arts.doctorwho, which no longer exists, but which you can find quoted in its entirety here.

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Episode 222: Lesbian Spank Inferno · Recorded on Sunday 22 August 2021 · Duration 0:54:31 · Download · Open in new window

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