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Adam Richard

Adam standing near the Torchwood Hub in Cardiff

Adam Richard was born between parts 2 and 3 of Terror of the Autons, and the first episode he remembers seeing was the last episode of Planet of the Spiders (he was 5!) His fave story is Ark in Space, because his old favourite is considered racist now…or lacist as John Bennett would say. When he was 12, Adam queued up to meet the 5th Doctor at Myer, and then again some 30 years later (though not in Myer this time) — such fun! Adam has been a stand-up comedian, gossip queen, writer and actor for over 20 years. In 2012 he co-wrote and starred in ABC comedy Outland, about a group of gay science fiction fans. He is currently a senior writer on the ABC’s Hard Quiz, and was a regular panellist on Whovians.

Episode 154

Put a Glaze On

It’s Coronation Day, and so Nathan, James and Richard have invited TV’s Adam Richard over to join us on the sofa, so that we can watch the festivities in comfort while Maureen Lipman slowly pulls our faces off. God save the Queen, everyone — it’s The Idiot’s Lantern.

Episode 154: Put a Glaze On · Recorded on Sunday 17 February 2019 · Duration 0:51:39 · Download · Open in new window

Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 174

On the Set with Dame Derek Jacobi

This week, we’re joined by TV’s Adam Richard to talk about Martha, the Master, Heather Locklear, Coronation Street and Russell’s original plans for the end of the season. And we also talk about a little Doctor Who episode that we like to call Utopia.

Episode 174: On the Set with Dame Derek Jacobi · Recorded on Sunday 8 September 2019 · Duration 0:49:26 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 183

Crossed That off the Whiteboard

This week, we’re joined again by Adam Richard for a discussion about RTD’s early-season two-parters, sidelining the main characters, the military, cloning, Sontarans, and the perils of spending too much time with our families. It all smells very much like The Sontaran Stratagem.

Episode 183: Crossed That off the Whiteboard · Recorded on Saturday 8 February 2020 · Duration 0:48:26 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 184

This Soldier, This Soldier, This Soldier, This Soldier

This week, Nathan is crushing on that nice Colonel, James is crushing on a cloned replica of himself, and Peter is crushing on that nice young man who runs the local startup cult academy. And all the time, Adam Richard is roaming this suburban street with an axe, looking for cars to attack. It’s the end of the world, as usual: it’s The Poison Sky.

Episode 184: This Soldier, This Soldier, This Soldier, This Soldier · Recorded on Saturday 8 February 2020 · Duration 0:54:35 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 222

Lesbian Spank Inferno

It’s the last episode of the first half of the season, and to celebrate, Nathan, James, Peter and Adam Richard have invited literally everyone they’ve ever met to join them at Demons’ Run for a bloodless victory swiftly followed by a painful death. Oh, and the baby shower has been cancelled. Which is just the sort of thing that happens when A Good Man Goes to War.

Episode 222: Lesbian Spank Inferno · Recorded on Sunday 22 August 2021 · Duration 0:54:31 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 234

Stop Watching a Kids’ Show

This week, we have half an hour of fun character-based nonsense followed by a fairly disastrous five-minute Doctor Who episode. But we’re all too busy reminiscing about the end of an era to notice. Adam Richard joins us for The Power of Three.

Episode 234: Stop Watching a Kids’ Show · Recorded on Sunday 20 March 2022 · Duration 0:45:00 · Download · Open in new window

Series 7The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 254

Animosity and Horror

This week, we’re joined by Adam Richard, shrunk to a microscopic size, and sent on a mission consisting mostly of ruthless moral self-examination. Meanwhile, somewhere else completely, a romcom is taking place. It’s Into the Dalek.

Episode 254: Animosity and Horror · Recorded on Sunday 8 January 2023 · Duration 0:48:51 · Download · Open in new window

Series 8The Twelfth Doctor