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Episode 221

Generic Potato Person

This week, Nathan, Peter, Richard and Simon rise up against their more viscous oppressors, launching blistering attacks on their shot composition, plot conveniences and crimes against good taste. Because, in a very real sense, we are all The Almost People.

Once again, Richard refers to Walter Benjamin’s 1935 essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, which we linked to last week. He also mentions a response to Benjamin by American philosopher Susan Buck-Morss, a book called The Dialectics of Seeing (1989).

Picks of the week


Simon recommends Moon (2009), a science fiction film starring Sam Rockwell. No spoilers.


Peter has been watching The Good Fight, a TV series in which the reliably fabulous Christine Baranski plays a lawyer working at an African-American-owned law firm in Chicago. You can watch it on Paramount+. Its sixth season starts next year.


Last episode, Richard mentioned Kozintsev’s film version of Hamlet (1964), and so that’s his pick of the week. You can watch it on YouTube.


Nathan comes out as a fan of Kurtzman’s Star Trek in general, and of Star Trek: Lower Decks in particular. The Series 2 finale screened just a couple of days ago in the US.

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Today we released Episode 5 of Maximum Power, a new Blakes 7 podcast featuring some of our regulars and guests and some of the regulars from the Trap One podcast. We’ll be continuing to cover Series A of Blakes 7 every week over the next few months.

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