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Episode 223

Tried and True Tropes

This week, perhaps inevitably, James and Nathan invite Simon Moore and Kevin Burnard to join them in 1930s Berlin for a gay Gypsy barmitzvah for the disabled. It’s fun, but we can’t help wondering if it’s in the best possible taste. But, what the hell, Let’s Kill Hitler.

Nathan compares the school flashbacks at the start of the episode to a similar scene in Iso Tank, Series 1 Episode 4 of Absolutely Fabulous, which you can actually watch in its entirety here.

The Brilliant Book was published in 2011 and 2012 as a Doctor Who Annual-style guide to Series 5 and 6, full of articles and short stories riffing on events and characters from the series, including Mels, Amy and Rory’s report cards from school. You might still be able to get a copy by searching on your country’s version of Amazon.

Amy and Rory’s final appearance in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip was in a story about them and Mels in issue 455 called Imaginary Enemies.

Kevin’s short story will be published by Obverse Books, in an anthology in their Faction Paradox series. Keep an eye out.

Professor Candy, who appears in a scene at the end of Let’s Kill Hitler appears in Steven Moffat’s short story Continuity Errors, which appeared in Decalog 3: Consequences. It was Moffat’s first official piece of Doctor Who writing, and he would reuse its central conceit as the basis of A Christmas Carol.

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