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Episode 86


Our 20th anniversary season of Flight Through Entirety continues with a discussion of Mawdryn Undead — yet another story including delightful elements from the show’s past, such as the Brigadier, the Black Guardian and a crappy word peril cliffhanger for Episode Three.

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Mawdryn Undead was released on DVD in 2009. In the US, it was released on its own, as usual, (Amazon US), but also as part of a Black Guardian Trilogy box set (Amazon US). In the UK and Australia, it was only made available as part of the box set (Amazon UK).

A weirdly bleached version of Nyssa’s outfit from Snakedance features on the cover of Goth Opera by Paul Cornell, the first novel of the Virgin Missing Adventures series, published in 1994.

Ian Marter played the gorgeously sweet Harry Sullivan in Season 12 of Doctor Who, but also wrote 12 Doctor Who novels, including a Companions of Doctor Who novel called Harry Sullivan’s War.

You can find the Discontinuity Guide entry on Mawdryn Undead on its archived web page on the old BBC Cult website.

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Doctor Who in 10 Seconds

While we’ve been away, Brendan has roared into the 70s with a summary of Season 7 of Doctor Who, in which he confronts Autons, Silurians, John Abineri and a scary parallel universe version of himself. If you want to find his summaries of the 1960s seasons of Doctor Who, checkout the playlist on YouTube.

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