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Episode 87

Danger Zone

Brendan, Nathan and Todd are all suffering from Lazar’s disease, or possibly withdrawing from hydromel, which might explain our somewhat listless approach to that critically acclaimed Doctor Who classic, Terminus.

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Terminus was released on DVD in 1992/1993. In the US, it was released on its own, as usual, (Amazon US), but it will cost you 70 US dollars, which would be crazy. You could also buy it as part of the Black Guardian Trilogy box set (Amazon US), which is how it was released in the UK and Australia (Amazon UK).

Liza Goddard plays Kari in this story. To Australian viewers, she is better known as Clancy in Skippy (1967–1969); Nathan has almost completely forgotten her role in the British sitcom Yes, Honestly (1976–1977).

Before Mawdryn Undead came along, Turlough was originally going to make his début in Song of the Space Whale by Pat Mills and John Wagner. This was finally recorded (as usual) as part of Big Finish‘s Lost Stories range range, as The Song of Megaptera, starring Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant.

In his Big Finish story The Waters of Amsterdam, Jonathan Morris offers an explanation of why the Doctor has set up the scanner to check in on Tegan and Nyssa’s bedroom. (Bad Doctor!)

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Doctor Who in 10 Seconds

While we’ve been away, Brendan has roared into the 70s with a summary of Season 7 of Doctor Who, in which he confronts Autons, Silurians, John Abineri and a scary parallel version of himself. With hilarious results. If you want to find his summaries of the 1960s seasons of Doctor Who, check out the playlist on YouTube.

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