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Episode 92

Is Icthar Okdel?

This week, Brendan, Nathan and Richard build a giant Seabase underwater. It’s going to be the best, most beautiful Seabase ever. And we’ll get the Silurians to pay for it!

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Warriors of the Deep was released on DVD in 2008. In the US, it was released on its own (Amazon US), but in the UK, it was released along with Doctor Who and the Silurians and The Sea-Devils in the surprisingly good Beneath the Surface box set. (Amazon UK).

This story’s writer, Johnny Byrne, wrote more episodes of the first season of Space: 1999 than anyone else ever. And, my God, can’t you tell from this story?

Fans of all these corridors looking the same to me will enjoy Lenny Henry’s famous Doctor Who sketch from 1985.

Elizabeth Sandifer discusses the problem of bases under siege in her TARDIS Eruditorum entry on The Ice Warriors.

Tom Adams, Vorshak in this story, stars in the Terry Nation-penned episode of The Avengers called Takeover. And he’s also in The Far-Distant Dead and Death on the Slipway.

The real world counterpart to hexachromite gas is called Hexavalent Chromium. It’s brutally poisonous. In Australia, we’ve been using it to carelessly poison some of our remote communities.

Cornell, Day and Topping theorise that this story’s continuity problems could be solved by positing a third encounter between Pertwee and the Silurians in this entry in their The Discontinuity Guide.

Gary Russell desperately attempts to wallpaper over these horrific continuity problems, with some success, in his Virgin Missing Adventure, The Scales of Injustice. It was republished as part of The Monster Collection in 2014. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Amazon AU)

Fans of Gary Gillatt’s reviews of Doctor Who DVD releases in Doctor Who Magazine will enjoy his blog Squabbling Rubber.

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Doctor Who in 10 Seconds

Brendan has spent the last few weeks in Fiji, basically living on drinks with umbrellas in them and not doing any work. So there are no new episodes of Doctor Who in 10 seconds right now. But that won’t prevent you from enjoying the previous 7 episodes, in which Brendan summarises the first 7 seasons of Doctor Who. Check out the playlist on YouTube.


The Rodgeathon is reaching its ultimate conclusion: in a couple of weeks, we’ll be recording our final Rodgumentary, on the 1985 classic A View to a Kill.

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