Stacey Smith?

Stacey stands leaning against the TARDIS with one hand  and with one leg behind the other. It's a well-lit tree-lined street. Behind her on a low fence, in a cursive typeface, are the words Canadian Club.

Stacey Smith? first watched Doctor Who in 1978 when she was five years old, because her dad had been a fan of William Hartnell, so she has some claim to being the earliest second-generation fan. Since then, she has written episode guides to the show (“Who is the Doctor”); edited the Outside In series, with three Doctor Who volumes; and written a Black Archive on Doctor Who and the Silurians. Oh yeah, and she’s also an internationally renowned professor, world traveller and Guinness World Record holder. But really, it’s her Doctor Who credentials that she’s most proud of. Don’t tell her colleagues.

Episode 271

Eels with Jazz Hands

This week, we remind ourselves of what the Doctor stands for, as we watch him train up some very silly Vikings to be sweet and funny enough to see off an invasion by big stupid monsters with mouths full of teeth. Stacey Smith? joins us to discuss the story of The Girl Who Died.

Episode 271: Eels with Jazz Hands · Duration 0:52:42 · Download · Open in new window

Series 9The Twelfth Doctor