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Season 1

Episode Zero

A Little Queer

The boys kick off the podcast by discussing the untransmitted pilot episode of Doctor Who.

Episode 0: A Little Queer · Duration 0:51:04 · Download · Open in new window

Season 1The First Doctor

Episode 1

Horribly Blond(e)

Brendan, Richard and Nathan discuss the first half of the show’s first season: An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, The Edge of Destruction, and Marco Polo. With hilarious results. (We hope.)

Episode 1: Horribly Blond(e) · Duration 0:56:41 · Download · Open in new window

Season 1The First Doctor

Episode 2

So Maudlin

It’s 1964, and Brendan, Richard and Nathan take on the back half of Season 1: The Keys of Marinus, The Aztecs, The Sensorites and The Reign of Terror. More Barbara! More Billy-fluffs! More German Expressionism!

Episode 2: So Maudlin · Duration 1:24:14 · Download · Open in new window

Season 1The First Doctor

Episode 91

The Velvet Commentary

This week, we’re taking a break from our relentless flight through the entirety of Doctor Who to go back and visit an old favourite. Fire up your VHS player and get ready to listen to all four of us slurring drunkenly throughout the incredible six-episode run of that 1964 Terry Nation classic The Keys of Marinus.

Episode 91: The Velvet Commentary · Duration 2:38:22 · Download · Open in new window

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