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Season 24

Episode 116

Terrified of Tinsel

Richard makes a triumphant return to the podcast just in time for the start of the Sylvester McCoy era. And the Rani’s back too, cosplaying as Brendan for some reason. It’s Time and the Rani.

Episode 116: Terrified of Tinsel · Duration 1:01:10 · Download · Open in new window

Season 24The Seventh Doctor

Episode 117

Thatcher’s Britain

This week, Richard’s admiring the architecture, Brendan wants to say how-you-do, and Nathan has had a disappointingly small meal and is still feeling a little peckish. We’re all trapped in an excitingly hopeful modernist dystopia, so what else could it be but Paradise Towers?

Episode 117: Thatcher’s Britain · Duration 0:54:12 · Download · Open in new window

Season 24The Seventh Doctor

Episode 118

Bitter and Painful

It’s 1950s night at Flight Through Entirety, which means putting on bobby socks, combing Brylcreem through our remaining hair (if any), and leaving our copies of The Doctor Who Monster Book at home. It’s Delta and the Bannermen.

Episode 118: Bitter and Painful · Duration 0:50:27 · Download · Open in new window

Season 24The Seventh Doctor

Episode 119

A Really, Really Good Length

After acquiring a mysterious treasure map from a German Expressionist filmmaker, Richard goes off to discover a fabulous treasure hidden deep in the bowels of a space mall, while Brendan and Nathan stay behind pouring milkshakes on each other. It’s Dragonfire.

Episode 119: A Really, Really Good Length · Duration 1:10:30 · Download · Open in new window

Season 24The Seventh Doctor