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Episode 156

Some Vicars

In this week’s earnest Radio National podcast episode, Nathan, Peter and Todd discuss religion, the concept of Satan, the nature of human evil, and a proposed Marxist reading of the plight of the Ood. Plus, an episode of a children’s science fiction series called The Satan Pit.

We mention a lot of tropes from the Hinchcliffe Era of Doctor Who, and so to brush up on this, you will probably want to listen to New to Who’s recent Hinchcliffe overview.

Further Hinchcliffe tropes are discussed in our episode on Pyramids of Mars, which also features a star turn from Gabriel Woolf as the Devil. Take a listen: it’s Episode 39: He’s Always a Villain.

And still more Hinchcliffe shenanigans abound in our Hand of Fear episode, which is called — fairly appropriately — Not Sufficiently Executed Enough.

And I found the video of that Very Special Episode of The Weakest Link which screened just before the début of Series 3 and starred David Tennant, John Barrowman, Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke and a bunch of guest stars from Series 2. You must watch this.

Picks of the week


Quite rightly, Todd recommends that you should watch The Creature from the Pit. After that, you should of course listen to our episode on that story, There Shall Be No Fire.


Peter recommends a satirical science fiction series on YouTube Premium — Weird City.


And finally, Nathan recommends the Netflix series Russian Doll, which stars and was co-created by Natasha Lyonne from Orange is the New Black.

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