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Episode 158

Most Punchable Moment

This week, children are disappearing from the streets, while the people at number 20 are taking delivery of huge numbers of Derwent Lakeland pencils. It’s no wonder, really, that everyone around here seems to Fear Her.

Like pretty much everyone else in Australia, Brendan expected the Prime Minister to lose office between the recording of this episode and its actual release. Surprisingly through, the “government” headed by self-satisfied sack of ham Scott Morrison was re-elected mere days ago, which means that Morrison will be still available to advocate for the much-neglected male gender during next year’s International Women’s Day.

Ghostwatch was a mockumentary about a haunted suburban house which was screened on Halloween 1992 to 11 million credulous BBC viewers. It led to thousands of complaints, and was blamed for the death of a teenage viewer. You can watch screenwriter Stephen Volk’s TEDx talk about it.

While we were recording this episode, Doctor Who fans were angry that the creators of the animated version of The Macra Terror had omitted a hilarious scene where the Doctor (Patrick Troughton) was neated up and re-shevelled by one of the Colony’s refreshment machines. For the record, we are now angry about a Judoon with a mohawk, and we plan to move on to something new next week.

Nathan mentions a film about a fevered child who finds herself trapped in fever dreams created by her own drawings. That film is Paperhouse (1988), and it’s available in HD on YouTube. So go and watch it — it’s terrifying. (It’s based on a somewhat less terrifying book called Marianne Dreams (1958) by Catherine Storr.

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