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Episode 159

Granddad Prentis Hancock

This week, Nathan’s hiding in a sarcophagus, James is transfixed by a giant ball, Todd keeps trying to lure his workmates into the next office, and Richard just wishes Tracy-Ann Oberman would do a better job with her hair — while all around them, Cybermen are busily pressing themselves into the skin of the universe. Our flight through Series 2 is nearly at an end, so it’s time to face an entire Army of Ghosts.

As often happens, Nathan mentions El Sandifer’s blog, so it’s probably time we linked to it again. It’s at Eruditorum Press, where you can find her takes on the history of Doctor Who from the very beginning — she’s currently working her way through Series 10.

Doctor Who Meets Scratchman was a Doctor Who movie idea developed in the 1970s by Tom Baker: it would have guest starred Vincent Price and Twiggy. Last year it was released as a novelisation written by James Goss.

This will undoubtedly come up again, but Big Finish has released a series of stories set in the London branch of Torchwood before it was destroyed by the Cybermen. The first box set is called Torchwood One: Before the Fall.

Russell T Davies’s new series is currently screening on BBC One. It’s called Years and Years, it’s funny and heartwarming, and it deftly captures the daily feelings of impending catastrophe experienced by anyone unfortunate enough to have survived this far into late capitalism. Highly recommended.

Richard makes reference to the alarming fact that in Colony in Space, the head of IMC was originally going to be a leather-clad Susan Jameson, before this idea was vetoed by the BBC Head of Serials.

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