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Episode 160

That Which Is Missing

This week, the whole world will soon end in a fiery cataclysm, which has nothing much to do with the podcast, but is probably worth mentioning at this point. Meanwhile, robots from the 1960s are wrangling about something, while an iconic love story comes to a final end. For now. Welcome to Doomsday.

You can find Tracy-Ann Oberman on Twitter at @TracyAnnO. She’s fabulous.

We’ve mentioned Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials before: Russell borrows from it liberally for this season’s arc. It’s an incredible series of books, soon to become a BBC television series, starring James McAvoy and Lin-Manuel Miranda. There’s even a trailer for you to enjoy.

And, of course, our regular reminder that you should read RTD’s The Writer’s Tale, which is Russell’s own account of his time running Doctor Who. Amazingly honest and insightful. A must read.

Nathan recommends reading Steven Moffat’s novelisation of The Day of the Doctor. It’s amazing.

Picks of the week


Todd is firing up his Blu-Ray player to remind himself of his childhood fear of the Cybermen. It’s Revenge of the Cybermen, which we cover in Episode 36: A Sociopathic Child.


Richard’s characteristically highbrow suggestion is The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943), directed by Michael Powell and starring Roger Livesey and Deborah Kerr, who plays no less than three separate love interests throughout the film. Winston Churchill hated it, so it is definitely well worth a look.


James suggests the two Big Finish box sets in the Torchwood One series — Before the Fall and Machines, starring Tracy-Ann Oberman and Gareth David-Lloyd.


Nathan wants you to spend a few hours catching up on Randomwhoness — a blog in which our friend Johnny Spandrell watches the entirety of Doctor Who in a random order, managing to find exciting new takes on each story.

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