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Episode 161

Probably in a Better Place Than When She Started

It’s the end of twenty-first century Doctor Who’s difficult second album, and the end of the entirety of the Piper Era, so we’ve decided to do this whole episode in our best fake London accents. Will we find more to talk about than just the Battle of the Teeth?

Late last year, Nathan and Todd were generously invited by David and Rob to appear on an episode of The Doctor Who Show called The Podcast of Decision, for some reason. Check it out.

Nathan mentions Johnny Spandrell’s reservations about School Reunion, but you can read about them yourself in his blog post on the episode. And while you’re on his blog Randomwhoness, you can also read his take on just about every other Doctor Who story as well.

Nathan appears with JR Southall on Starburst’s now-defunct podcast The Blue Box Podcast, which you can still find on Apple Podcasts. In that particular episode, Steven Moffat Versus the Antipodes, JR and his guests fail to talk about their favourite era of Doctor Who, and talk instead about the pros and cons of the Stephen Moffat era.

And for the second week in a row, James gushes about Big Finish’s Torchwood One series, starring Tracy-Ann Oberman and Gareth David-Lloyd.

After recording our episode on The Idiot’s Lantern, James and Nathan watched Agony and Agony Again, starring Maureen Lipman as harried agony aunt and TV host, Jane Lucas.

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Episode 161: Probably in a Better Place Than When She Started · Recorded on Sunday, 19 May 2019 · Duration 1:03:52 · Download · Open in new window

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