Episode 187

No One to Blame but Himself

This week, Nathan, Peter and Richard are joined by renowned Doctor Who blogger Johnny Spandrell, but we spend most of our time lurking among the bookshelves frightened by our own shadows. And despite the customary non-stop chattering, it’s all about Silence in the Library.

Episode 188

Our New Brigadier

This week, we’re joined again by rockstar Doctor Who blogger Johnny Spandrell, for just under an hour of conversation and fruitless dieting in a VR environment. It’s the start — and the end — of a beautiful friendship, in Forest of the Dead.

Episode 207

A Man Who Sees His Own Shadows

This week, we’re joined by Johnny Spandrell for an hour of love, self-loathing and psychic pollen from the candle meadows of Karass don Slava, as we discuss Amy’s Choice.