Episode 8

Someone Lost Their Beagle

Our endless flight through Doctor Who’s third season chokes, stalls and crashes into The Massacre, The Ark and The Celestial Toymaker. And Nathan’s not at all happy. (Let’s put a cork on that, Nathan!)

These are three controversial stories, and we’d like to know what you think. Do you hate The Massacre, or do you love it as much as all right-thinking Doctor Who commentators? Is The Ark racist? Is The Celestial Toymaker appalling or merely terrible?

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None of The Massacre exists (sigh), so it’s just not possible for Nathan to see how great it actually is. But here’s the BBC audio version, narrated by the indefatigable Peter Purves. (Audible US) (Audible UK)

The Ark exists, in all of its (possibly) racist glory. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Only the final episode of The Celestial Toymaker still exists, and it can be found on the Lost in Time box set. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

You can also get the full BBC Audio version of The Celestial Toymaker, narrated by who else but Peter Purves? (Audible US) (Audible UK)

The Massacre (of St Bartholomew’s Eve)

Cornell, Day and Topping’s Discontinuity Guide: “Not only the best historical, but the best Hartnell, and, in its serious handling of dramatic material in a truly dramatic style, arguably the best ever Doctor Who story.”

Fact Fans! Here’s the Wikipedia entry on the St Bartholomew Day’s Massacre. Enjoy!

The Ark

Olaf Stapledon’s Last and First Men, a novel about the history of humanity in the far, far future, can be found in its entirety on the Gutenberg Australia website.

Here’s Whoopi Goldberg explaining how we should regard the racism in Looney Tunes cartoons.

The Celestial Toymaker

Peter Haining’s seminal book on Classic Doctor Who, Doctor Who: A Celebration is out of print, of course. But you can still find copies on Amazon. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Here’s a review of a production of George and Margaret, co-directed by Gerald Savory and performed in Boston in 1948.

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Season 3The First Doctor

Episode 7

How Would You Address a God?

Our flight through Season 3 continues with an indefensibly shouty episode devoted to Doctor Who’s longest (oh, okay second longest) story ever: The Daleks’ Master Plan.

Is Katarina a companion? Which is the delegate with black balls all over his head? Is Bret Vyon a companion? Has anyone ever been more fabulous than Sara Kingdom? And should Doctor Who be doing this sort of story at all?

(A bit of overtalking at the start of this episode, I’m afraid. This is what the combination of Terry Nation and John Wiles does to your brain. It will never be allowed to happen again.)

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Only three of the twelve episodes are known to exist: episodes 2, 5 and 10. These can be found on the Lost in Time box set. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The BBC audio version, narrated by Peter Purves, can be found here: (Audible US) (Audible UK).

The Daleks’ Master Plan

Here’s Elizabeth Sandifer’s review of the story. It’s terribly, terribly clever.

Screen Online’s summary of Dennis Spooner’s superhero drama series The Champions. Sounds intriguing, and bears out Richard’s theory that Spooner is responsible for all the fun dialogue in this story.

For those of you who love Blake’s 7 as much as we do, check out Adventures With The Wife and Blake.

Rosemary Howe’s lovely fan novelisation of this story is available here for subscribers to AustLit.

Z-Cars and Dixon of Dock Green are two seminal British police shows from the 1960s. Here’s El Sandifer’s take on the two shows, and their relationship to Doctor Who.

Here’s an animated version of episode 7, The Feast of Steven.

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Season 3The First Doctor

Episode 6

Nipples, Dear Listener

Hold your breath, everyone! Brendan, Richard and Nathan besiege, invade and finally burn down the first three stories of Doctor Who’s highly controversial third season: Galaxy Four, Mission to the Unknown and The Myth Makers. Dusty Springfield wigs at the ready, girls!

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Well, of the nine episodes we discuss this week, only one is known to exist. You can see episode 2 of Galaxy Four, Air Lock, as part of a reconstructed version of the entire story on The Aztecs: Special Edition DVD. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Galaxy Four audio, narrated by Peter Purvis. (Audible US) (Audible UK)

The Daleks’ Master Plan audio, narrated by Peter Purvis (Audible US) (Audible UK)

The Myth Makers audio, narrated by who else but Peter Purvis? (Audible US) (Audible UK). You can also buy Stephen Thorne’s reading of Donald Cotton’s excellent novelisation (Audible US) (Audible UK).

Galaxy Four

Richard recommends Susan Sontag’s Notes on Camp (1964), and he’s right to do so. Don’t miss it.

Buy your Sindy dolls here. (No, don’t.)

Mission to the Unknown (Dalek Cutaway, anyone?)

Ian Levine’s animated version of Mission to the Unknown can be found on YouTube, for the time being at least. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Here’s the interview by Loose Cannon with the cast of Mission to the Unknown — Edward de Souza (Marc Cory), Barry Jackson (Jeff Garvey) and Jeremy Young (Gordon Lowery).

The Myth Makers

Increase your classical cred, and your appreciation of this brilliant story, by reading Robert Fagles’s beautiful translations of the Iliad (Amazon US) (Amazon UK), and the Aeneid (Amazon US) (Amazon UK).

Follow Vicki’s mysterious further adventures in the Big Finish Audio, Frostfire.

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Season 3The First Doctor

Episode 5

She’s Madame Mao

Brendan, Richard and Nathan bring Season 2 to a triumphant close with The Space Museum, The Chase and The Time Meddler. And we like them all. No, really.

“I shall miss them. Yes, I shall miss them, silly old fusspots. Come along, my dear, it’s time we were off.”

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The Space Museum/The Chase (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Time Meddler (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Space Museum

More weird timey-wimey stuff in Stephen King’s The Langoliers. Published as a short story in a collection called Four Past Midnight (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The trippy Beatles film A Hard Day’s Night

Prime Minister of Rhodesia Ian Smith, famous for moonlighting as Ian Smith in Prisoner and Neighbours

The giant eyebrows of Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation classics Stingray and Thunderbirds

Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back, before George Lucas started digitally wrecking it

The Chase

Dr Elizabeth Sandifer’s redemptive reading of The Chase

Absolutely Fabulous, which remains great to the end, but does it cannibalise itself after the start of Series 2?

Morton Dill, as a refugee from The Beverly Hillbillies

No German Expressionism (sigh), but here’s the architect Gaudí, who clearly inspired the Mechonoids in the building of the city.

A Mechonoid and a d20? Can you tell them apart?

The Time Meddler

Peter Butterworth’s storied career in the Carry On films

The strong female characters of Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr Horrible, and some superhero films or something apparently. Watch them all!

Turns out, it was Lyle Lanley who sold the monorail to Springfield. (How could I forget?)

No, sorry, NASA didn’t invent Tang or Space Food Sticks.

Joachim Phoenix falls in love with Siri in Spike Jonze’s film Her, not to be confused with Alethea Charlton’s fabulous Hur.

Picks of the week

Nathan: Running Through Corridors (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Amazon AU

Richard: The Daleks comic strips in TV Century 21. Later reprinted as The Dalek Tapes in 1980s DWM, and as The Dalek Chronicles as a DWM Special in 1994. Adapted as an animation by Altered Vistas.

Brendan: Daleks vs Mechons

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Season 2The First Doctor

Episode 4

Why Can’t I Wear Trousers?

This episode, Brendan, Richard and Nathan tackle the difficult subjects of ants and fraternity as they discuss three ant-astic stories from the middle of Doctor Who’s second season: The Romans, The Web Planet and The Crusade. So tune up your lyres, pull up a dormouse, and listen along. There’s a bit of that cold peacock left in the fridge, I think.

Buy the stories!

The Rescue/The Romans (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Web Planet (Amazon US, but it’s insanely expensive, for some reason) (Amazon UK, ah, that’s better)

The Crusade soundtrack on Audible (Amazon US) (Amazon UK). The two extant episodes can be found on the Lost in Time box set. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Romans

The comprehensive and definitive Wikipedia articles on Nero and The Great Fire of Rome

Who on earth is Dot Cotton? And why does she look so much like that narrow-hipped vixen Lady Eleanor?

The incomparably brilliant I, Claudius can be watched in full on YouTube.

The Big Finish audio The One Doctor, starring Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford and TV’s Nero Christopher Biggins

Carry on Cleo (1964)

Pompeii (2014)

Spartacus (1960). The hilariously homoerotic scene Richard mentions can be found on YouTube, as an extract from the film The Celluloid Closet (1995).

The Web Planet

An excellent article on The Web Planet’s ratings and audience appreciation figures

A free book version of Paul Ernst’s Raid on the Termites on Project Gutenberg

Domingo Gonzales’s The Man in the Moone on Wikipedia

The incomparable Georges Méliès, inventor of special effects on film. His most famous film is La voyage dans la lune.

William Blake’s Auguries of Innocence (“God appears & God is light”)

New Age writer Eckhart Tolle

Carl Jung’s Animus and Anima

The Gaia Hypothesis, which was just beginning to be developed by James Lovelock at about the time that The Web Planet was first broadcast

The Big Finish audio Return to the Web Planet, starring Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton and Sam Kelly

The lovely Barbara Joss, who played Nemini. Her book My Left Breast: How Breast Cancer Transformed My Life is out of print, but you can see its Goodreads page here.

The Crusade

Doctor Who and the Crusaders by David Whitaker (Amazon US) (Amazon UK).

More Wikipedia goodness: this time about Pope (Keith) Urban II, The Third Crusade, and Scheherazade.

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Season 2The First Doctor

Episode 3

Bernard Cribbins in Vinyl

Brendan, Richard and Nathan take on the first three stories of Doctor Who’s difficult second season: Planet of Giants, The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Rescue. Spoiler alert: we think that almost all of them are fantastic!

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Planet of Giants (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Rescue/The Romans (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Take a look at the recipes for all of our delicious baked goods at the Food Machine.

And, of course, the ever-quotable Dr Elizabeth Sandifer.

Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Robert Erlich’s The Population Bomb (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The World’s Fair 1939, Futurama Exhibit

Mary Norton’s The Borrowers (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Carl Jung’s Animus and Anima

Chekhov’s Gun

John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (And don’t forget that Carole Ann Ford was in the 1963 film adaptation, for some reason.)

Airstrip One was Orwell’s name for England in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The Increasingly Horrifying Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

John Wyndham’s Chocky (it’s really great: read it!) (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Works of Robert Aickman (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

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Season 2The First Doctor

Episode 2

So Maudlin

It’s 1964, and Brendan, Richard and Nathan take on the back half of Season 1: The Keys of Marinus, The Aztecs, The Sensorites and The Reign of Terror. More Barbara! More Billy-fluffs! More German Expressionism!

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The Keys of Marinus (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Aztecs (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Sensorites (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Reign of Terror (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The all-important topics of Architecture and German Expressionism.

Brendan’s happy censorship music is The Girl From Ipanema.

Cathy Gale from The Avengers!

Witness for the Prosecution, directed by Billy Wilder, and starring Marlene Dietrich.

Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Cornell, Day and Topping’s Discontinuity Guide: The Aztecs.

RIP Maya Angelou.

Planet Skaro Audios.

The online Doctor Who horoscope that Brendan mentions is at tardisday.com, and here’s another horoscope you might enjoy.

BroadDWCast, a comprehensive online guide to worldwide transmissions of Doctor Who. And if you want to know even more about Australian broadcast dates (and why wouldn’t you?), you can go to this page on Gallifrey Base.

Paul McGann’s Susan audios, including An Earthly Child, Relative Dimensions, Lucie Miller and To The Death. (These last two are McGann’s Season 4 finale, so: spoiler alert!)

The Manchurian Candidate, directed by John Frankenheimer.

Carole Ann Ford stars (oh, okay, appears) in The Day of the Triffids, and in The Great St. Trinian’s Train Robbery.

Picks of the week

Nathan: Tat Wood and Lawrence Miles’s seven-book series, About Time: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who (Amazon US) (Amazon UK).

Brendan: The Wonderful Book of Doctor Who 1965 (Not 1964. Sorry.)

Richard: David Whitaker’s Doctor Who novelisations: Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks (Amazon US) (Amazon UK), Doctor Who and the Crusaders (Amazon US) (Amazon UK).

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Season 1The First Doctor

Episode 1

Horribly Blond(e)

Brendan, Richard and Nathan discuss the first half of the show’s first season: An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, The Edge of Destruction, and Marco Polo. With hilarious results. (We hope.)

The Doctor Who: The Beginning DVD box set contains the first three stories of Season 1 — An Unearthly Child, The Daleks and The Edge of Destruction. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Loose Cannon Reconstruction of Marco Polo. (YouTube)

Rod’s pecan slice recipe.

Cornell, Day and Topping’s Discontinuity Guide: The Daleks.

Zienia Merton’s Space: 1999 clip. (YouTube)

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Nathan’s ringtone. (YouTube)

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Season 1The First Doctor

Episode Zero

A Little Queer

The boys kick off the podcast by discussing the untransmitted pilot episode of Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who: The Beginning DVD box set contains the first three stories of Season 1, as well as the untransmitted pilot episode, and the Origins documentary Nathan mentions. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

An Adventure in Space and Time, Mark Gatiss’s docudrama about the origins of Doctor Who. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

An Unearthly Series: The Origins of a TV Legend, a 30-part series about the origins of the show, published on doctorwhonews.net in the lead-up to the 50th anniversary in 2013.

TARDIS Eruditorum, Dr Elizabeth Sandifer’s superb blog, tracking the history of the world, Great Britain and Doctor Who.

Picks of the week

Nathan: The Randomiser, a website dedicated to picking your next Doctor Who episode for you. On Twitter at @dwrandomiser.

Richard: Okay, also The Randomiser.

Brendan: The Big Finish Companion Chronicles set before An Unearthly Child, including The Beginning, Quinnis, and The Alchemists.

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Season 1The First Doctor