Episode 166

Deeply Platonic

This week, Brendan’s high on Honesty, James is driving naked, and Nathan can’t stop scratching himself for some reason, while special guest star Erik Stadnik brings some philosophy and literary criticism to our discussion of Gridlock.

Episode 181

The Cambridge Latin Course

This week, while Nathan’s lying on the couch hungover, James is in an ecstatic vaporous trance, and Brendan’s admiring his latest avant-garde objet d’art, we are unexpectedly joined by friend-of-the-podcast, Erik Stadnik, who we hope will (eventually) find it in his heart to save us from the latest impending apocalypse, The Fires of Pompeii.

Episode 208

Don’t Kill the Lizard Lady

This week we’re joined by Erik Stadnik for a whole day of taping cameras to things while we wait for something — oh, okay, the Silurians — to emerge from The Hungry Earth.

Episode 209

The Status Quo

This week, our hopes and dreams crumble to dust in the face of centrist realpolitik and an inability to imagine a true, multracial utopia. And, of course, we’re also talking with Erik Stadnik about a Doctor Who episode called Cold Blood.