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Steven B

Steven B on the balcony of a city apartment block, gazing into the distance

Steven B grew up solely on 1970s Target novelisations and ABC afternoon repeats of Tom Baker stories in the 1980s. He was sufficiently traumatised by those memories to keep being a fan for longer than is sensible or polite, going on to identify a bit too readily with Peter Davison’s Doctor during his adolescence during the 1990s before morphing into a David Tennant clone in his twenties last decade. Now approaching 900 years of age, he’s very much a fan of Peter Capaldi and is in love with the idea of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor as, appallingly, he nears on his fourth decade of fandom. Honestly, you get less for murder.

Episode 137

To Mansplain Aliens

This week, Nathan and James are joined by Steven B from New to Who, and spend a couple of hours running up staircases in Cardiff, desperately trying to avoid a shrieking pedal bin with memory banks stuffed with exabytes of hardcore pornography. It’s your favourite episode of the season — Dalek.

Episode 137: To Mansplain Aliens · Recorded on Sunday 22 July 2018 · Duration 0:42:59 · Download · Open in new window

Series 1The Ninth Doctor

Episode 150

His Little Fanboy Heart

This week, Nathan, James and New to Who’s Steven B spend most of the time trying to make Todd cry; the rest of the time, we’re trying to avoid bats in the Deffry Vale High School computer room and listening carefully while Sarah Jane Smith explains the moral of the story. It’s School Reunion.

Episode 150: His Little Fanboy Heart · Recorded on Saturday 26 January 2019 · Duration 0:51:42 · Download · Open in new window

Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 178

Remember Who We Were

Our farewell last week was so heartbreaking that we decided to sneak in one last episode before Christmas. So, here are Terry Wogan and John Barrowman to introduce a heartwarming episode of Flight Through Entirety, in which Nathan and James are joined by Steven B and Dan from New to Who to discuss the 2007 Children in Need special, Time Crash.

Episode 178: Remember Who We Were · Recorded on Tuesday 10 December 2019 · Duration 0:24:32 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3SpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 202

Make a Better Choice

This week, Nathan, Brendan, Steven from New to Who and Kevin Burnard join Amy and the Doctor as they head off to a version of Britain in the distant future which is exactly like the Britain that they just left — crumbling, nostalgic and in deep denial about the giant alien whale in the basement. Or as we like to call him, The Beast Below.

Episode 202: Make a Better Choice · Recorded on Sunday 24 January 2021 · Duration 1:01:22 · Download · Open in new window

Series 5The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 219

Nerd-Baiting Title

This week, Nathan and James are joined by Steven B and Dan from the New to Who podcast for an episode made up of the scavenged parts of other episodes. It’s time to meet the first character from the first shot of the first ever Doctor Who episode. Say hello, everyone, to The Doctor’s Wife.

Episode 219: Nerd-Baiting Title · Recorded on Sunday 8 August 2021 · Duration 0:48:35 · Download · Open in new window

Series 6The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 233

A Mild-Mannered Josef Mengele

This week, we’re in the Wild West for some down-home, old-fashioned, country-style moral philosophy. The burning question: is it permissible to let that well-spoken middle-aged country doctor get killed just because he sawed up a bunch of people and turned them into psychopathic gun-wielding maniacs? Steven B joins us to discuss a well-shot, well-acted, well-written and thought-provoking episode: A Town Called Mercy.

Episode 233: A Mild-Mannered Josef Mengele · Recorded on Sunday 20 March 2022 · Duration 0:54:52 · Download · Open in new window

Series 7The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 242

Strax is Tara King

This week we’re joined by Steven from New to Who to discuss one of the great loves of our lives — Dame Diana Rigg, whose astonishing performance makes The Crimson Horror one of the best episodes of the era.

Episode 242: Strax is Tara King · Recorded on Sunday 25 September 2022 · Duration 0:57:42 · Download · Open in new window

Series 7The Eleventh Doctor

Episode 261

The Prestige

This week, we’re doing some judicially-mandated cleaning up around a council estate in Bristol when we make some terrifying discoveries about the source and nature of the graffiti we’re painting over, and some even more terrifying discoveries about our own and our friends’ moral characters. Also, someone left the TARDIS prop from Logopolis Part 3 lying around here somewhere. It’s Flatline.

Episode 261: The Prestige · Recorded on Sunday 30 April 2023 · Duration 0:55:07 · Download · Open in new window

Series 8The Twelfth Doctor