Episode 100

Even Better with Your Face

This week, Brendan, Nathan and Todd are back to review the Cybermen’s 1985 compilation album Attack of the Cybermen, in which the band revisit all their classic hits from the 1960s, including Another Planet (1966), Clever Clever Clever (1967), You Belong to Us (1967), Initiate Plan Three (1968) and perennial fan favourite It Has Been Agreed (1968). Not all of us appreciate the nostalgia.

Episode 103

Let’s Stick Something in It

This week, most of us are delighted to be served a delicious meal of lobsters, clams, and squid, brains in white sauce, two whole suckling pigs, a ham with figs, eight steaks, and Robert Holmes at his most cynical. Welcome back, Pat, for The Two Doctors.

Episode 105

Famous Miserable Bastard

It’s the end of the season, so we decide to head over to Necros for a delicious meal of synthetic protein, which is at least more palatable than the rather pungent protein for sale on Delta Magna. Everyone on this planet seems to be getting on so well, and the direction is lovely, so this can only be Revelation of the Daleks.

Episode 107

Don’t Do It Again, Todd

The walls between realities were fairly porous back in 1986, which is why we find ourselves this week in a terrifying parallel universe where the Hiatus never happened, and the original plans for Season 23 actually came to fruition. Beware.

Episode 108

I’m Supposed to Be Cross

This week, Brendan, Nathan and Todd go for a lovely walk in a rain-drenched forest, only to find themselves dragged halfway across the galaxy by the Time Lords and placed on trial to answer for their crimes. It’s Parts 1 to 4 of the longest Doctor Who story ever — The Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet.

Episode 110

The Demeter Seed Game

After the stressful events of last week, we’ve decided to treat ourselves to a luxury cruise. Brendan’s working out in a pink tracksuit, Todd’s playing Galaxian and terrorising the waitress, and Nathan’s hanging around the communications room with an axe. And, in order to protect a secret hidden on the space liner, one of us will become a murderer. And there are Vervoids, of course.

Episode 111

Gallifreyan Duck and Cover

And now it’s time for the Trial storyline to implode completely. Nathan turns out to be a distillation of all that is evil in Todd, and Brendan has just stormed out with the only copy of this episode’s script. It’s the last two episodes of The Trial of a Time LordThe Ultimate Foe.

Episode 112

Time Inc.

Transported to a nightmarish world of the Valeyard’s creation, the Doctor finds himself unable to escape, because Eric Saward has stormed off, taking his script for Episode 14 with him. This week, we bring you that script, performed by a troupe of talented and attractive young actors. What was the original ending for The Trial of a Time Lord? Tune in to Flight Through Entirety’s production of Time Inc. to find out.

Episode 113


This week, we look at a medium where Colin’s reputation as the Doctor is second to none. To that end, Nathan is only pretending to be evil, Brendan has two peglegs, Todd is having a hard time assembling some shelving, and Richard is just a shadow of his former self. It’s Colin Baker, in the Big Finish audio adventures!

Episode 162

Past Master at the Double Commentary

This week, we head back to the planet Necros to revisit Doctor Who’s most entertaining funeral: we’re joined by healers, cosmeticians, mercenaries and a great, big bomb — but you should definitely avoid the canapés at the wake. This one’s certainly a revelation, a Revelation of the Daleks.