Episode 164

The Tara King Confidence

And we’re back! It’s a new year for Doctor Who, and there’s a new companion, with a new mother who will at some point slap him in the face. But until then, it’s all about a bunch of rhinos menacing a hospital on the moon, which is just the kind of premise literally any TV show would come up with. Welcome aboard, Smith and Jones.

Episode 165

It’s Neither of Them

This week, we’re joined by Pete Lambert and Conrad Westmaas for a social history of Elizabethan England, a whirlwind tour of the life and works of Shakespeare, and some serious criticism of Martha’s taste in men. It’s Tuesday, so this must be Hamlet — it’s The Shakespeare Code.

Episode 166

Deeply Platonic

This week, Brendan’s high on Honesty, James is driving naked, and Nathan can’t stop scratching himself for some reason, while special guest star Erik Stadnik brings some philosophy and literary criticism to our discussion of Gridlock.

Episode 167

The Big Busby Berkeley Number

This week, we learn that the mortal enemy of showtunes is capitalism, that the mortal enemy of some Doctor Who fans is fun, and that the mortal enemy of the Doctor has descended upon Depression-Era New York in an exciting new thematic guise. The show must go on, in spite of the Daleks in Manhattan.

Episode 168

A Long Tradition of Doctor Who Monsters That in Some Way Resemble Human Genitalia

This week, we discuss human nature, animatronic willies, easily avoidable deaths and the ethics of cooking pork. Which is probably just a way of distracting ourselves from the Evolution of the Daleks.