Episode 147 The Commentary Invasion

It’s a Christmas miracle! Flight Through Entirety starts an exciting Christmas tradition by nogging up, sitting down and talking all the way through a Doctor Who Christmas special — David Tennant’s début episode, The Christmas Invasion.

Episode 148 Already Completely Abominable

This week, for the first time in ages, Todd, Nathan, James and Richard arrive on an exotic yet strangely familiar alien planet, where they meet some old friends and a terrifying new enemy. Oh, okay, it’s cats. Welcome to 2006, and welcome to New Earth.

Episode 149 Having a Laugh About Werewolves

This week, Nathan and James head off to Scotland with special guest star Lizbeth Myles. We basically spend the entire episode larking about while all around us the bodies pile up and Her Majesty gets increasingly exasperated. It’s (nature red in) _Tooth and Claw_.

Episode 150 His Little Fanboy Heart

This week, Nathan, James and New to Who’s Steven B spend most of the time trying to make Todd cry; the rest of the time, we’re trying to avoid bats in the Deffry Vale High School computer room and listening carefully while Sarah Jane Smith explains the moral of the story. It’s School Reunion.

Episode 151 Tropes, for Want of a Better Word

This week, we’re mostly hiding behind the curtain and under the bed, watching French aristocrats getting attacked by clockwork robots. Which is fun, but not quite in the way you might expect. Also, we’re joined by friend-of-the-podcast Simon Moore, the culmination of a nearly five-year masterplan to trick him into saying the word trope. It’s The Girl in the Fireplace.

Episode 152 Horrible Yorkie

This week, Nathan and Richard argue fruitlessly about which one of them Brendan likes the most, before heading off to one of those parties where the champagne is warm, the canapés are disappointing, and the guests are being casually slaughtered by art deco cyborgs. It’s time for the Rise of the Cybermen.

Episode 153 Delicious Fascism

This week, we’re all marching into Battersea Power Station to be sawn into pieces and to have our firmware upgraded. Which is just business as usual for Britain in The Age of Steel.

Episode 154 Put a Glaze On

It’s Coronation Day, and so Nathan, James and Richard have invited TV’s Adam Richard over to join us on the sofa, so that we can watch the festivities in comfort while Maureen Lipman slowly pulls our faces off. God save the Queen, everyone — it’s The Idiot’s Lantern.

Episode 155 A Very Long Tone Meeting

This week, we’re orbiting around a black hole talking about flat-pack furniture and making lewd comments about security guards, while all around us the kitchen staff are gearing up for a massive attack on God himself. I suppose that’s why they call it The Impossible Planet.

Episode 156 Some Vicars

In this week’s earnest Radio National podcast episode, Nathan, Peter and Todd discuss religion, the concept of Satan, the nature of human evil, and a proposed Marxist reading of the plight of the Ood. Plus, an episode of a children’s science fiction series called The Satan Pit.

Episode 157 LINDA for Short

In this week’s Doctor Who–lite episode of Flight Through Entirety, Nathan, Brendan and Max reminisce about our own experiences as members of LINDA, before tackling one of Doctor Who’s stranger, darker and madder episodes: Love & Monsters.