Episode 201

Tiggers Don’t Like Bacon

We’re back. It’s the first episode of a whole new era, and Matt Smith has 20 minutes to save the world and an hour to convince the audience that there’s life after David Tennant. Pull up a fire engine and delete your browser history — it’s time for The Eleventh Hour.

Episode 202

Make a Better Choice

This week, Nathan, Brendan, Steven from New to Who and Kevin Burnard join Amy and the Doctor as they head off to a version of Britain in the distant future which is exactly like the Britain that they just left — crumbling, nostalgic and in deep denial about the giant alien whale in the basement. Or as we like to call him, The Beast Below.

Episode 203

Thirteen and a Half Minutes

This week, we’re hunkering down in the Cabinet War Rooms with Col Sillitto from New to Who, surrounded by increasing numbers of suspicious-looking miniature tanks. Nathan is finding the Prime Minister increasingly intolerable, James is gagging for a cup of tea, Richard is admiring the Group Captain’s Spitfire, and Col is reminiscing about that night behind the post office with Dorabella. Little do we know how close we all are to the ultimate Victory of the Daleks.

Episode 204

Implacable and Completely Incomprehensible

This week, we spend 45 minutes climbing a staircase in search of 2007’s most celebrated Doctor Who monster. Peter’s dreaming about the Aplan, James is wishing he hadn’t worn these heels, Nathan is wondering if he left the mortars in the nave or the vestry, and friend-of-the-podcast Simon Moore is admiring the low lighting and the sombre vaulted ceilings. It turns out our dreams no longer need us, so this must be The Time of Angels.

Episode 205

Spatial Relationships

This week, Nathan, James, Peter and Simon are all huddling terrified in a dark forest, waiting for the image of an angel to materialise and kill us all, but not before we finish our discussion of Flesh and Stone.

Episode 206

Those Facepalming Moments

This week, James is getting excited about being accepted into a new finishing school, Todd is being complacent about the size of his torch, Nathan is huddling in a corner repeatedly saying the word fish, and friend-of-the-podcast Karen Carpenter is lying in the courtyard and rehydrating. It’s The Vampires of Venice.